Meet Your Hosts Daryl and Ruann Larson

On March 5, 2020 Daryl bought the property you are staying on and brought it back into the Larson family after 14 years with an outside investor.  That night surrounded by family and friends, Daryl proposed to Ruann. It was the second best day ever for Daryl and Ruann.  The best day ever was their September 18, 2020 wedding behind the Bay View cottage and the huge after party held in the front on the Bay View lawn with 180 guests, a nine piece band, food by Alexanders and bar and beer wagon.  Daryl capped off the night with a 12 minute professional firework display as a gift to his bride.  It was spectacular.

The history of the property is rich.  It was originally owned by Daryl’s grandparents and was part of the Larson Cottages property.  Then Daryl’s dad, Roger started to purchase some of the cottages, bought the piece of land that faces Larson Lane, and with Daryl’s mom Norma, created what is now called Ephraim Village Cottages.

Daryl and Ruann live on the property full time as owners and hosts.  Daryl has worked in hospitality nearly his entire life, with the exception of a tour in the US Marines.  Ruann is a sign language interpreter by trade and uses her craft to communicate with deaf guests during the vacation season and via remote work during the off season.   It gives them immense pleasure to see families with children, couples, and friends enjoy their “backyard”.  The sounds of children playing, friends laughing around the firepit, family reunions gathering for a picnic, and watching people fire up the grills makes this sleepy property in winter come alive in the spring, summer, and fall.

We officially say, Welcome Home.  May your stay be in a peaceful and secure dwelling in an undisturbed place of rest.  Isaiah 32:18.

Starry Nights and Bird Song Filled Mornings.

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