When is check-in?

Check in is no earlier than 3:00 p.m. at the Ephraim Village Cottage office located at the main house on back of the property: 3082 Larson Lane, Ephraim. We offer self check-in for those staying through AirBnB and for guests who have prepaid their stay.

When is check-out?

Check out time is a firm 10:00 a.m.  We are unable to allow late check-outs due to the size of the property and the small housekeeping staff.

How do reservations work?

We accept reservations via our online website portal, AirBnB, VRBO and Booking.com.  We prefer that guests make direct reservations with us either via the portal or by phone or email because it saves the guest money by avoiding third party fee and it helps us keep our prices reasonable because we also do not incur host fees.  All reservations require a deposit of 1/2 the base rate (before taxes) with the remaining balance due upon check-in.  We prefer cash or check (again…not paying credit card fees helps us keep rental rates lower) but we will accept Mastercard, Visa or American Express if the guest is more comfortable with that payment method.  To reserve a cottage directly please call:  920.559.2565 or email: cottages@ephraimvillagecottages.com

What is the deposit requirement?

All reservations required a 50% deposit of the base rate before any taxes are added.  Deposit is due by January 31, 2023 if the reservation was made in 2022 for the 2023 season.  Reservations made in 2023 require a deposit no later than 4 weeks prior to the first date of the reservation. The balance for the reservation is due upon arrival. Pets require prior approval.  Though we do not take a pet deposit, we do charge $25/day/pet ($100 maximum per pet). We prefer deposits via money order or check.  Make deposit checks payable to: Ephraim Village Cottages, PO Box 173, Ephraim, WI 54211 

Will I receive a confirmation for my reservation?

You will receive a lot of communication from us.  A confirmation is sent immediately after making a reservation.  Please read this confirmation.  There is a lot of very important information contained in it.  Upon receipt of the deposit, an updated confirmation is sent to reflect the amount sent.   A week prior to the start of the reservation, we send out a reminder that you are coming to Door County for vacation and what you need to bring.  A few days prior to arrival you get a final reminder of what to bring and what we provide as well as well wishes for your trip.

Are there cancellations + refunds?

Life happens and sometimes a guest must cancel a reservation.  If we are able to re-rent your cottage for part of your stay or for the total stay, we will refund the money for the dates re-rented.  If we are unable to re-rent the cottage for part or all of the cancelled stay, we will not refund any money.  To receive a full refund, please cancel the reservation with a minimum 45 days advance notice via email at:  cottages@ephraimvillagecottages.com

Is there a returned check fee?

Yes.  Failure to have sufficient funds in the account the deposit check was written from results in a $50 returned check fee.

Are there daily housekeeping services?

Not at this time. Historically, cottages in Door County did not and still do not come with daily housekeeping.  We are not a hotel.  We have fully-equipped cottages.  Once you go in, we never go back inside unless something breaks or needs tending to.  Guest stays of 2+ weeks may request housekeeping to come in and spruce up the bathroom, change bed sheets, vacuum and take out the trash.

Is there a cleaning/damage fee?

Guests are financially responsible for any/all damage to the cottage during the entirety of the stay.  This includes any/all pet damage and stolen/broken property. Pet damages are assessed by housekeeping during cleaning.  We immediately notify guests if damages were found or if items are broken or missing.  For damages we contact a company to make the repair, and then invoice the guest for damages. For missing/broken items we charge the cost for replacement to the credit card on file.

Are pets allowed?

We are a dog friendly property.  We do not accept cats, ferrets, birds, snakes, guinea pigs, turtles, spiders, lizards, pet pigs, horses, or peacocks no matter how “cute” they are.  (This list is not exhaustive.)  Guests are welcome to bring a dog (maximum 2) but dog(s) must be disclosed at the time of reservation.  A nightly pet fee ($30/night/1 dog or $60/night 2 dogs or $120/$240 per week respectively) is added to the rental rates.  We provide a single couch cover or two arm chair covers for cottages without a couch.  Dogs are not permitted on any other furniture in the cottage including beds.  Do not ask.  There are no exceptions.  Dog(s) must be crated when guest leaves dog(s) alone in the cottage. Dogs must remain leashed when outside the cottage.

Is there access to doggy bags + pet cleanup?

We love dogs as much as you do, especially well behaved dogs with responsible dog owners.  And responsible owners bring everything needed to ensure that the dog(s) has what it needs in the feeding and toileting department. Please clean up any piles your dog leaves behind by securing it in a plastic bag, tied up, and tossed into the dumpster located in the middle of the property.  Please do NOT put dog poo bags in the cottage trash can nor leave the bags on the lawn or on the deck.

How do I use the fireplace?

We set all fireplaces so the first fire is on us.  Future fires should be constructed with the free wood and kindling provided in the cottage wood box.  Ensure the fireplace screen is closed while active fire is in fireplace.  Do not leave cottage while a fire is burning or while embers are burning. Do not allow children to play with matches.  There is a fire starter is in the kitchen drawer.

How does trash/recycling work?

We have two trash dumpsters (brown) and one recycling dumpster (green) located in the middle of the property, up against a white shed located on Birch.  Please remove trash from your cottage throughout your stay and upon departure from the unit.  Recycling isn’t required, but it is the responsible thing to do.  CLEAN Recycling includes: cardboard/soda/beer boxes, glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum cans.  Please do not toss items containing food (to go containers, pizza boxes, half cans/bottles of soda/beer) into recycling bin and please DO NOT BAG recycling.  The trash company will look inside and automatically flag it as trash and it will go to the dump.

Is there a lost and found?

If you’ve lost an item while staying with us, please come to the office at the main house to see if your lost item was turned in by another guest or found by our cleaning crew.  If you return home and find that you’ve lost or forgotten an item, please contact Ephraim Village Cottages to see if our cleaning crew found your item in the cottage after check-out.  Guest is responsible for any costs associated with returning item via US mail.  Heads up, if you leave something behind, it will be part of our viral TikTok video series, “You Left It Behind, Now It’s Mine”.

Who is your emergency contact?

Our owner and property manager, Daryl Larson, lives on the property and is available to address emergencies via phone: 920-559-2565 or by stopping by the office at the back of the property. You may also reach out to Ruann Larson 920-559-2517.

Look forward to your relaxing stay.

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