Dog Lodging Policy

When dogs vacation in Door County they prefer to stay at Ephraim Village Cottages because they like how the lush green grass feels between their twinkly toes and smells in their ground sniffing nose.  And they don’t mind the doggie biscuits we leave on the kitchen table for them to enjoy.

We’ve welcomed dogs for many years on our property but we’ve welcomed people for a lot longer.  Not ALL guests love dogs. For this reason we have implemented the following DOG LODGING POLICY to ensure that everyone can enjoy a stay at Ephraim Village Cottages.

Here’s the skinny.  Your reservation charge will include a pet lodging fee if you are traveling with a dog(s). This fee is to allow the dog on the property, in the cottage and to cover the additional cleaning it takes to make a cottage “pet free” for the next guest that may not have or like dogs. You want a clean cottage. The next guest wants it clean and free of dog evidence. Let’s work together.  Here’s how we are going to do that.

By booking with us, you agree to this Pet Lodging Policy in your cottage at Ephraim Village Cottages:

1. Dog are not allowed alone in the cottage. If left alone the dog(s) must be crated. There are not exceptions to this.  If your dog cannot tolerate a crate, please find boarding for your dog outside of our cottage property or take the dog with on Door County adventures.
2. No dogs on the beds. No exceptions.  Beds are for our human guests and there are guests that do not have dogs and may not like dogs and we must respect all guests.  We charge a hefty fee to guests that ignore this rule.
3. Dogs on covered living room furniture only. The cover must be one that housekeeping put onto the furniture and not the guests’ own cover which frequently has hair on it and that hair transfers to our furniture.
4. Dogs must be leashed on property at all times.  Please do not put our other guests in harms way or scare other guests that may be afraid of dogs that run loose.
5.  All dogs must have an up-to-date rabies vaccine and have proof available while on the property.
6. Pick up dog poop piles immediately. Do no leave poop bags on the deck/porch or in kitchen trash cans.  Take them to the dumpster.
7. We will contact you if the dogs bark to the point of disturbing other guests. That phone call will require you to return to the cottage to attend to the dog(s) immediately.

The fee for dog hair on beds and uncovered furniture is $100 and is automatically charged to the credit card on file. 

Look forward to your relaxing stay.

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