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People across the country and love Door County and all we have to see and do.  In fact we’ve shown up in a few publications and on a few TV shows through the years.  Here is a sample of Door County in the News.  How many of these treasures have you seen?

Coastal Living – August 2019

Food and Wine Magazine – October 2018

Forbes – August 2018 

Milwaukee Magazine  – July 2017

Travel and Leisure – May 2009

New York Times – September 2008


Door County is the setting and/or the film site for a number of movies.  Do you recognize any of these movies and the locations they were filmed?

June Falling Down (2017)

Richards 32nd (2016)

The Emissary (2015)

When the King Tilts (2013)

Feed the Fish (2010) – Filmed almost entirely in Door County. Available on Amazon Prime.